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Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District Application for Sponsorship


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      • Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District Application for Sponsorship

    2. The Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District’s (AGTBID) purpose is to promote a positive increase in occupancy rates across all lodging types in the city of Arroyo Grande.

      Visit Arroyo Grande offers limited Tourism Event Sponsorship funding for local special events that promote tourism and result in overnight stays in Arroyo Grande. Applications are submitted to the Arroyo Grande Tourism Business Improvement District Advisory Board. Event sponsorship requests must meet both of the following purposes for consideration: provide tourism promotion advantage to the City of Arroyo Grande, positively impact the slower lodging periods (October through May) and/or expand the impact of the higher occupancy times (June through August). Sponsorship funds can be used for: new destination events to significantly attract tourists, working capital for existing destination events to develop new features to the event offering, promotional funds for an existing destination event to significantly attract tourists, funding for marketing activation, and materials for tourism-related events.

      Applicants must demonstrate they have the managerial and fiscal competence to complete the proposed event. Repeat applicants must have a successful history of using prior funds, as evidenced by a completed and accepted report including tourism and overnight stay date where available.

      Request for funding with specific dates must be submitted to the AGTBID, at a minimum, 90 days in advance of the date of the event in order to allow time for processing of the application and agreement and subsequent paperwork. The application will be reviewed at the next available AGTBID Board meeting.

      For funding requests of $19,999 or greater, please submit 180 days in advance. If funding is approved for by the AGTBID Board, the contract will be sent to the City of Arroyo Grande for review and completion. Requests greater than $24,999 must receive a recommendation from the AGTBID Board and be approved by City Council.

      The agreement specifying the terms and conditions for funding will be sent to your organization for signature. After a signed agreement is returned by the organization, funding will be issued within approximately 30-45 days.

    3. Considerations:

      The AGTBID is unlikely to fund new projects that duplicate or conflict with existing tourism programs, services, or events. Project collaboration among organizations is encouraged.

      The AGTBID and the City of Arroyo Grande follow a fiscal year from July 1st to June 30th. Requests and funding must fall within the same fiscal year. If applications and agreements are requested for the following fiscal year, please submit by March 1st.

      Please contact Sheridan Bohlken with any questions at (805) 473-5478, or e-mail

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