Emergency Preparedness

The City of Arroyo Grande prepares to respond to all types of emergencies, and residents and businesses are also encouraged to prepare. Do not wait! The following Information is provided to assist you in preparing for an emergency. 


  • Keep roof gutters and downspouts clean and clear
  • Keep yards and driveways clear of debris
  • Have trees pruned or removed if they are a danger to you or your neighbor’s property
  • Make repairs to walls, roofs and drainage systems before storms arrive
  • Have heater and fireplaces cleaned and checked for safety before storm season
  • Stay off the roads during storm events
  • Know how to fill and place sand bags
  • Have a supply of plastic sheeting, plywood and tools ready for waterproofing of doors and openings
  • Stock up on food, medicine (and pet food) so you do not have to shop during a storm

Information Resources

SLO County Real-Time Rainfall Info

SLO County Office of Emergency Services

El Nino Portal: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


The Power of Being Prepared - Public Safety Power Shutoff

Storm Preparedness

Create an emergency Family Communication Plan

FEMA Family Emergency Planning Guide

Red Cross preparedness library

Are You Ready?

Sand, Sandbags, Flooding

Flood Information

Know where to get sandbags



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Dare to Prepare
Southern California Earthquake Center
Did you feel an earthquake?
United States Geological Survey