Vacation House Checks

As another service to the citizens of the community, the Arroyo Grande Police Department offers a vacation house check program. If you will be away from your home in the city for a period of up to 90 consecutive days you can come to the Police Department to submit a  vacation house check and waiver of liability form. Any vacation house check request in excess of 90 consecutive days must be approved by the Support Services Commander.

Required Information

You must provide a contact telephone number for yourself and information for an emergency contact person who has a key to the residence, including that person's address and telephone number. In addition, you need to advise the Police Department about any important information regarding your house, including any lights set on a timer, vehicles left in the driveway or individuals authorized to enter the residence.

After Submission

After the vacation house check form has been submitted, it is included in a logbook of vacation house check sites. A member of the Police Department will conduct a check of your residence as often as reasonably possible, but the Police Department cannot guarantee that a check of your residence will be made every day. Your residence doors and windows will be checked for any evidence of forced entry or attempted forced entry and your home will be visually checked for any other damage or vandalism. As an important reminder, a vacation house check will not include picking up your mail or newspaper. That is a critical part of helping ensure that your home is not burglarized in your absence that is your responsibility.

You must sign a waiver of liability acknowledging and agreeing that you will not hold the city or the Police Department liable should your residence be damaged or entered, or should a burglary and/or theft occur while you are away.