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Police Department

  1. Commend an Arroyo Grande Police Department Member

    This form is to report exceptional service you received from a member of the Arroyo Grande Police Department.

  2. Fee Waiver Request & Criteria
  3. How Are We Doing?

    With a firm commitment to the community and a solid understanding our citizen's needs, the Arroyo Grande Police Department is committed... More…

  4. Police Report Request
  5. Report A Traffic Problem

    If you have a specific problem regarding traffic-related police issues, such as speeding, stop sign violations, red light violations or... More…

  1. Explorer Post #542 Application
  2. House Check Request
  3. Personnel Complaint

    A relationship of trust and confidence between members of the Arroyo Grande Police Department and the community is essential to... More…

  4. Public Service Request
  5. Ride-Along Application