What if this drought continues for the next 5 years?
If the drought, or other unforeseen circumstance, impacts our water supply and we can’t meet demand then building restrictions are one of the many tools the City would implement. Conservation will remain vital since the overall water savings from everyone conserving is higher than a moratorium would achieve. The City, in conjunction with neighboring agencies, already has procedures in place to prolong the City’s current water supply. Nonetheless, if the extraordinary drought continues, the City will have to enact more severe conservation measures, building restrictions and/or secure additional emergency water.

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1. Why is the City allowing major development when water supply is low?
2. Won’t a building moratorium help save water?
3. I’m working hard to conserve, will new development have to conserve as well?
4. Why not stop building for a while during drought conditions just to be prudent then start up again when the drought is over?
5. What if this drought continues for the next 5 years?
6. What can we do to become a drought proof community?