Won’t a building moratorium help save water?
Yes but not as much as you would think. The City’s growth continues to be less than 1% per year. Current development and pipeline projects account for only less than 2% of increased water demand. Current conservation measures have achieved a 28% reduction in water demand in the last two years. Conservation remains the most effective factor in saving water, therefore, even if there was a building moratorium, water restrictions and conservation would still be required.

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1. Why is the City allowing major development when water supply is low?
2. Won’t a building moratorium help save water?
3. I’m working hard to conserve, will new development have to conserve as well?
4. Why not stop building for a while during drought conditions just to be prudent then start up again when the drought is over?
5. What if this drought continues for the next 5 years?
6. What can we do to become a drought proof community?