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Crossroads Learning Network - Homework Support, Math Intensive, or Reading Intensive

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    Fee per session - $186.00

Full Description

Crossroads Learning Network Intensives provide a place for students to grow and learn as individuals. Each Intensive lasts three weeks and will give the extra boost your student needs this school year. Materials and snacks are provided. Crossroads Learning Network are a proud Inspire vendor!

Choose from one of the following tutoring options:

Crossroads will provide assistance with math, writing, reading, special projects, test preparation, and homework assignments. Students should bring assignments/homework to each session. Best suited for students grades 2 thru 8.

Beginning with the most basic concepts of adding, subtracting; this class moves into the process of word problems, place value, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals. This intensive will help support the math concepts necessary for reasoning and problem solving. Best suited for students grades 2 thru 7.

Is your child having a difficult time reading? The following is a list of common symptoms: inability to sound out words; poor sight-words recognition; inaccurate spelling; poor reading fluency. This Reading Intensive is designed to offer help to students with these common symptoms. Best suited for students grades 2 thru 8.

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