Child Care

The City of Arroyo Grande offers State Licensed before and after school child care at Ocean View Elementary School in addition to child care during holiday and summer breaks. Children in Kindergarten through 6th grade are invited to participate in a variety of activities including sports, interactive games, crafts, STEM activities and more! Staff provide assistance with school work during homework club, and children explore and socialize outdoors and during free play. To Register, click here! For more information on the Children In Motion program, read the Parent Handbook available here.

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Become a Child Care Champion for Arroyo Grande!

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Our community needs a safety net for our families and youth. Funding is needed to provide scholarships to offset child care costs so that parents and caregivers can return to work. Children need consistent and supportive environments to feel safe, valued and championed while navigating the new distance learning public education format. As all of society struggles with the reality of COVID-19, children's safety, primary education and future are at stake.