Temporary Sign Regulations

Sign Regulations

Arroyo Grande Municipal Code Section 16.60.050.I. (Effective June 21, 2018):

Temporary Non-Commercial Signs:
  1. Limited to a maximum of one (1) sign per property, no larger than six (6) square feet, four feet (4’) in height as measured from the ground underneath the sign, placed on private property with the express consent of the property owner, and directly affixed to the ground, located on, or located in the window of a permanent structure, and which comply with all other applicable provisions of this chapter. 
  2. Up to two (2) times per year, additional temporary noncommercial signs are permitted, with increases in sign size of no larger than sixteen (16) square feet, limited to sixty (60) days in duration. These times are typically, but not required to be, during any “election period”, which shall mean the period before any national, state, or local election in which city electors may vote, up through the date of the election.
Signs may not be placed or attached to (or otherwise located on or extending over) any public property, public easement, or public right-of-way; and may not be attached to utility poles, traffic signals or any other traffic control device.

For any questions regarding temporary non-commercial signs, please contact the Community Development Department at 805-473-5420.