Alarm Permit

The Arroyo Grande Municipal Code, Chapter 8.16 states all existing and prospective users of alarm systems shall obtain an alarm user permit, approved by the Chief of Police, within sixty (60) days of the installation and use of an alarm system. Application for the permit and an initial fee of $94.00 and a yearly renewal fee of $31.00 must be filed for each year along with each telephone number and signature of the individual accepting responsibility for the proper functioning and maintenance of the alarm system covered by the permit. All permits shall expire one year after the date of issuance. The Municipal Code also states that the City of Arroyo Grande will levy a fine for excessive false burglary and robbery alarms at the rate of $71.00 for the fourth false alarm, $106.00 for the fifth false alarm and $142.00 for each false alarm thereafter in a 12-month period.

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