Medication Disposal Sites

The City of Arroyo Grande has two pharmacy locations for residents to safely dispose of unwanted household medications:

                    Haggen's                                    KMart
                    1132 W. Branch Street                1570 W. Branch Street
                    473-9131                                      481-8484

The following pharmacies offer free prepaid, preaddressed envelopes for safely disposing of unwanted medications:

                    Best Care Pharmacy                  CVS                                            Rite Aid
                    1051 E. Grand Avenue                1435 E. Grand Avenue               1207 Grand Avenue
                    481-1961                                      474-5712                                    489-1830

                    Rite Aid                                       WalMart
                    1690 E. Grand Avenue                1168 W. Branch Street
                    474-0469                                      474-4300

Acceptable Items

The following items can be deposited in the medication drop boxes:
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Medication samples
  • Medications for household pets
  • Medicated lotions or ointments
Items Not Accepted
 The following items are not accepted:
  • No needles or “sharps” (return to pharmacy for free disposal)
  • No hazardous waste (see for more information)
  • No thermometers
  • No personal care products (shampoo, soap, perfume, etc.)
  • No trash
  • No mail
  • No lost and found materials
  • No empty containers
  • No pharmaceuticals from businesses/professionals
Please keep medications in their original containers and remove or scratch-out all personal information, including name, address and phone number.