Citizens Assisting Police & South County Volunteer Programs

If you live or work in Arroyo Grande and want to volunteer your time and efforts to help serve your community in a rewarding way, the Arroyo Grande Police Department needs you. As a member of the Citizens Assisting Police (CAP) or the South County Police Volunteer (SCPV) programs, you will be providing valuable assistance to your Police Department in essential support functions. The SCPV program recently evolved from the department’s historical CAP program as a mechanism designed by the Chiefs of Police of Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach and Grover Beach to consolidate their independent citizen volunteer groups into one more expansive and coordinated group.

With this new concept, there are now multiple levels in the citizen volunteer groups in the three cities. In the City of Arroyo Grande the CAP program still exists, performing a wide variety of volunteer functions on a local level within the city. But at the same time, CAP program members may also become members of the SCPV program, able to cross jurisdictional lines into Pismo Beach and Grover Beach to perform volunteer functions. In the same manner, volunteers with Pismo Beach and Grover Beach may also become members of the SCPV program. This cross-jurisdictional ability is particularly important for volunteer functions such as providing assistance at community special events and community patrols. Arroyo Grande Police Department volunteers now have the flexibility to choose to be a member of the CAP or SCPV programs or both programs.

Program Meetings
The CAP and SCPV groups both have regularly scheduled monthly meetings. The CAP group meets quarterly at 6 p.m. at the Arroyo Grande Police Department. The SCPV group normally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each quarter at 6 p.m. at the Ramona Gardens in Grover Beach, although at times the site of the SCPV meetings may change with advance notice. The three local police departments rotate sponsorship of the SCPV meetings. Training normally occurs at both meetings, but the training at the SCPV meetings is designed to develop performance standard consistency among the volunteers of all three cities for those cross-jurisdictional issues such as special events and community patrol.

Volunteer Duties
From providing community patrols and vacation house checks, to providing assistance at community special events, providing traffic direction at accident scenes, maintaining the vehicle fleet, entering data into the computer system, working with Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch groups, conducting follow-up contacts with crime victims and filing and maintaining records, you will be working “hand in hand” with members of your Police Department. All you need to become a CAP or SCPV member is a real desire to “volunteer.” 

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